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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Buspar

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

[posted 08/16/2000]
Question: I've been on Ativan for more than 20 years.
I'm currently taking 2 1/2 mg a day, and would like to
change to the non-addictive Buspar. Can I take Buspar
at the same time I'm taking Ativan, by reducing the amount
of Ativan?

Answer: Usually, but it will take a slow decrease in ativan and you may see some sedation with the overlap.

Buspar (Buspirone) [posted 8/5/98]
Question: What are the indications for, physiological effects of, and contra-indications for this drug?

Answer: Buspirone (Buspar) is used to treat mild anxiety. The mechanism of this drug is not clear, but is not like valium and the like. It is mildly effective without the same addiction potential as the benzodiazepines (valium, etc.). It should not be used with MAO antidepressants. Common side effects include vertigo, sleepiness, blurred vision, and types of numbness or paresthesias.

Buspar and Fatigue [posted 7/23/98]
Question: At the advice of my doctor, I have been taking buspar (recommended 30 mg daily, but I only take about 7.5 mg daily). I also take 20 mg prozac one day and 40 mg prozac the following day. I am also on a 0.05 mg daily dosage of synthroid and a daily prescription of demulen. I find that I am very fatigued all the time. Previously when I was on buspar, I quit because the fatigue was so bad that I had trouble functioning at work. My doctor said the buspar would help with the effectiveness of prozac and help my strengthen my immune system. As indicated, I am only taking one-half of one tablet, instead of the two tablets daily as recommended. I still fight fatigue. Can you explain the relationship between buspar and fatigue and whether or not it can be severe enough to inhibit daily functioning?

Answer: I'm not sure why you are taking the medications. However, Buspar works differently from Prozac. Whether this is synergistic or not depends on the patient. But, it clearly causes fatigue in you before it will again.

Buspar [posted 7/21/98]
Question: What is the main purpose of this medicine? Are there any side affects? Is it possibly dangerous?

Answer: It is used to treat mild chronic anxiety. It is supposed to be less habit forming than alternatives like value, librium, xanax, etc. Some side effects are drowsiness, nausea and inability to concentrate.

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