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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Imdur

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

[posted 07/29/2000]
Question: I am 41 years old and have had 2 heart attacks and 1 episode where i ended up in the hospital not quite sure if it was another heart attack. All of this happened within a 5 year peroid. The last time I went to the hospital the doctor prescribed Imdur (60 mg)to be taken once a day everyday. This causes me to have severe headaches that go on for at least 12 hours.I have told my doctor about this and he tells me this is normal and (in not so many words ) too bad. I have tried taking only half a pill a day but the headache is still bad. Can you tell me what this drug does to cause the headaches and is it safe to discontinue them.


Edward Glegg

Answer: Nitroglycerin causes vasodilation of the arteries and consequently headaches. These usually get better in about 10 days if you continue the medication without stopping it. As to the benefit/cost of stopping that you need to discuss this one with your md.

Imdur [posted 1/13/99]
Question: Please tell me about the drug Imdur.

Answer: This is a time release long acting nitroglycerin type drug. Usually dosed once a day. Similar side effects of headache, tolerance, etc. Effective in general.

Imdur [posted 11/13/98]
Question: My 88 year old father started taking imdur about three weeks ago for Angina.I have noticed a drastic change in moods lately could it be the cause of it. Also taking triam/hctz and norvasc.

Answer:  Wouldn't expect any of them to cause a problem unless his blood pressure has really dropped.

Imdur [posted 11/13/98]
Question: My grandpa is 85 years old and suffers from stage 2 of Alzheimer's and has recently had a pacemaker. My question is now that he has a pacemaker does he still need to take a pill called Imdur (15mg a day).

Answer: Imdur is for angina or occasionally congestive heart failure. He will still need this since changing his rate doesn't do anything to correct this problem. Probably needs the others also. He might need less digoxin and you should ensure his doctor has kept it as low as possible since it is commonly a cause of confusion in the elderly.

Imdur Contents [posted 7/31/98]
Question: What is in Imdur ER 60 mg ?

Answer: Imdur is a long acting organic nitrate compound. It contains isosorbide mononitrate in extended release formulation. Imdur 60 contains 60 mg of isosorbide mononitrate. This is basically long acting nitroglycerin type drug for angina and other cardiac conditions.

Imdur and Colitis [posted 7/17/98]
Question: A patient came in and said their last GP was going to treat their ulcerative colitis with Imdur and wanted to know possible outcomes, or research on this treatment. He has been tried and multiple tx including high doses steroids.

Answer: Never seen nitroglycerin or similar drugs used for inflammatory bowel disease. Nicotine yes, these drugs no. You might want to check with the company Key Pharmaceutical 800-526-4099.

Question: Can Imdur cause you to have clear drainage from your nose and cough up clear sputum? I take Imdur ER, 60 mg.

Answer: I wouldn't think so.

Side Effects
Question: I have just started taking Imdur (30 mg daily) for four days and have had headaches and nausea since I started. What can be done about these side effects? Are drugs other than Imdur than can be taken?

Answer: Imdur is a long acting nitroglycercin agent. The most common side effect of nitroglycerin is a headache. This will occasionally get less severe over ten days or so. However, 20% or so of my patients will never get tolerant to the effects and continue to have incapacitating headaches. If you need nitro, other formulations will be expected to have the same effect. Sometimes you can start at a lower level and work up. Sometime you have to increase other medicines to compensate (beta blockers or calcium channel blockers).

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