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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Spinonolactone

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

[posted 10/15/1999]
Question: To whom it may concern:

I am in my late 20's. I have seen a few skin doctors who have only made my problem worse. I can not afford to continue with their treatment plans that only make it worse.

I have tried the laser treatments to have the hair removed and it is very expensive and I can not afford to continue with this method that has failed. They told me that I should shave in between sessions, but that increased my problem extremely, and has caused me not to return to these physicians due to a poor recommendation.

I used to be what I would consider beautiful and so did many people I knew. I have lost a great deal due to this problem with my face. I am very concerned that it only seems like people are trying to continue the problem and not fix it.

I only had a few hairs and now if I did not shave it would grow to a beard. This is not an easy thing to live with. Please help me if you can. I would certainly be willing to try anything, although I can not afford to put out a much of money either. I do not make that much, and recently my husband left me. Is there anything that you know I could try. I am in Illinois 45 minutes west of Chicago.

Please respond as soon as possible, and keep this message un-posted or take out any information about me personally if you choose to post it.

Thank you

Answer: Spironolactone is the drug of choice for this. First ensure that you do not have a virilizing tumor(urine collection of 17 Keto steroids). Get an ultrasound to look for cyts. Lastly, the lazer treatments do work if used correctly, but are expensive. Spirolactone is less expensive and will hold things for awhile. P.S. you are still beautiful I suspect.

Spinonolactone & Tumors
Question: Is there any association between the use of the drug spinonolactone and tumors of the endocrine glands?

Answer: Spironolactone has an A ring similar to estrogen. Consequently, patients who take it can experience estrogen like side effects. These include breast enlargement, vaginal cytology changes etc. I am not aware of any incidence of adenomas on this drug.

Side Effects
Question: My mother is taking "spironolactone." She is 41 years old. What are the side effects of this drug? What is its compound?

Answer: Spironolactone is usually used as a potassium sparing diuretic. Due, to similarity in structure with one of the steroid rings of estrogen it tends to have estrogen like side effects. These include breast enlargement or tenderness, decrease in acne, and possible improvement in osteoporosis. Side effects are usually the above and the drug is occasionally given for these side effects; that is, decreasing acne or hair production in women.

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