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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Sulfatrim DS

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

Bactrim DS / Sulfatrim DS Reaction [posted 8/14/98]
Question: I am a 76 year old male, 225 lbs, and in fairly good health. Recently my doctor prescribed Bactrim DS /Sulfatrim DS 800/160 for a prostrate infection. Is the normal reaction to this medication frequently urination especially at night, muscle aches and burning sensation in both legs? or is this an allergic reaction?

Answer: The urinary frequency is due to the infection - not the antibiotic. The burning may be the Bactrim as well as the muscle aches. This medication varies a lot in side effects from minimal /none to severe allergic reactions.

Sulfatrim/Trimeth DS Tab [posted 8/12/98]
Question: What is sulfatrim/trimeth DS Tab? Is it a pain medication?

Answer: This is a combination antibiotic usually used for uncomplicated urinary infections or respiratory infections.

Question: I have been taking Sulfatrim for a week for my infected prostate. Days later I am itching mostly chest, face and head. I have red blister on my chest.

Answer: Most likely a drug allergy, so I would stop the medication.

Reactions to sulfa drugs
Question: I was recently hospitalized because of an allergic reaction to sulfa. I was using bactrim for a urinary infection and it helped this condition but left me with white blisters all inside my mouth, tongue, and gums, swollen gums high fever, throwing up, diarrhea, heart out of beat, blood sugar increase. After I came home I used an ointment on my hand and the blisters appeared on the back of my hands. This ointment was camphophenique. I cannot get these blisters to heal and still have a few places in my mouth. It has been one month and I would like to know what choices I have of finding out exactly what medicines and ointments sulfa is in.

Answer: You'll need to read directions, but in general it is prescription only due to the number of allergies that it invokes.

Question: With regards to the prescribed dosage for a UTI female 4 years of age who seemed to become hyperactive after administration of medication. Is this due to medication or flavors or dyes used to manufacture medication, and is there any problem or significance?

Answer: Sulfatrim is made by Barre-National Inc. and NMC Laboratories-- both subsidiaries of A.L. Pharma, Inc. The fillers etc. are not listed in the PDR. However, you can reach the company at 7205 Windsor Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21244.

Sulfatrim DS
Question: I would like to know if this drug will interfere with my Triphasil 28? Sulfatrim I am currently taking for Bronchitis and I wonder if my birth control pill will still be effective?

Answer: Drug interactioins are a little difficult to predict. Sulfatrim DS is known to increase drug levels of rifampin, dilantin and methotrexate-none of which are in birth control pills. In general, Sulfatrim DS or any of the sulfa drugs are used to treat respiratory and urinary infections. Short courses should not interfere markedly with most drugs except those mentioned above. Longer courses should be discussed with your physician.

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